The satisfaction of our customers and discretion is our top priority. Mutual trust is a prerequisite.

We will provide you with the following services. 

Professional competence

In our range of exquisite works of art, we focus exclusively on quality and originality. Constantly looking for the extraordinary, we attach particular importance to the perfect condition, the provenance and the guaranteed authenticity of the art objects. Expertise of well-known experts, documentation in recognized literature, registration in international art databases, signatures and dating of art objects are decisive. An extensive network of international art experts supports us in our work.

 Advice / Purchase / Collections / Installation

We are always interested in buying your high-quality art objects. Please send us a photo and description of your artwork by e-mail to We would be pleased to advise you on this subject or arrange an on-site visit. Also we want to assist you by dissolving and processing private collections and estates in order to achieve the best possible results.

In order to make your work of art come true, attention must be paid to a suitable positioning and the appropriate good and gentle lighting. The perfect frame for a painting or the stylish console base for a sculpture decide the overall picture. We will gladly pass on our many years of experience.


Advice / Condition / Restoration

Years of practical experience in the restoration of sculptures and paintings and education as chemist are our expertise to assess the condition and the surfaces of art objects. We would be pleased to advise you in restoration or recommend a professional restorer.



Your collection of the acquired art objects takes place by professional, transport-safe packaging. We will gladly take over or organize the particularly cost-efficient transportation of your art objects within Austria on request of course also internationally.


Art as an investment

The art market has achieved an enormous economic upturn in recent decades and has so far developed globally into a decisive economic factor. In 2015, the highest turnover ever achieved on the global art market was achieved at € 57.3 billion (TEFAF-The European Fine Art Foundation-Art Market Report 2016, page 23, 04/2016, Maastricht).

In economically insecure times like today, everyone is looking for safe ways to put their hard-earned money to profit. Invest with joy in high-quality art and you will win a sustainable and stable investment.