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Ing. Markus Zöchmann (Geb. 1968 in Wien) ZOECHMANN ART-ANTIQUES

Ing. Markus Zöchmann (Geb. 1968 in Wien)

Art trade Zöchmann in 2nd generation


After my father has worked successfully for more than 60 years in the art industry as a restorer, art dealer and collector, it is now a special concern to me to continue this vocation in his sense.


Already in childhood my father was able to awaken my enthusiasm for the "fine art". At the age of 13 I began to study the restoration of sculptures and paintings in my father's atelier, a master of his field. Soon I was able to restore sculptures for collectors, art dealers and museums, some of them were of museum quality. I got to know the carvings of famous sculptors like Jakob Kaschauer, David and Michael Zürn, the Schwanthaler family and many others. I was mainly given the task to free the original paintings of the objects from the often complex overpaints and to uncover them.


A separate science was also the cleaning, regeneration and preservation of oil paintings. I was also very interested in the gilding of art objects of different materials.


The success of the "Art trade Zöchmann", a success story in decades, is based on a good, balanced and loyal collaboration between collectors, dealers and auction houses. After this success recipe I work today and confess to it.


Ing. Markus Zöchmann

May 26th 1968 Born in Vienna as the son of a restoration family

From 1981 Education of the restoration of sculptures and paintings in parental company

1983-1989 Höhere Bundes Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für chemische Industrie, Rosensteingasse, 1170 Vienna

1991-2014 OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH, Refinery Schwechat, Research & Product Development,

Quality Management, Head of quality control fuels

2012-2015 Sale of the estate and art collection Mag. Art Alfons Zöchmann. This led to an intensive examination of the current art market and I experienced a European-wide exchange of experiences with collectors, dealers and auction houses.

2013 Study of Art History, University of Vienna

2014-2017 MBA studies. Sales Manager Akademie, Wien / Staffordshire University, UK

2017 Foundation of the company "ZOECHMANN ART-ANTIQUES"


Mag. Art Alfons Zöchmann (Krems 1933-2011 Klosterneuburg)

From 1948 Education of the restoration of sculptures and paintings at Prof. David in Kitzbühel

1951-1958 Commission painting, duplication of old master paintings, church restorations with Prof. David in Kitzbühel

1959-1962 Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Diploma degree with honoring after graduation of the master school for conservation and technology at Prof. Eigenberger.

From 1963 Self-employed restorer for sculptures and paintings and art dealer in Vienna

1974 Acquisition of a bourgeois house from the 14th century in the center of Klosterneuburg as a future residence of the family.

1975-2013 Renovation, restoration, revitalization and maintenance of this unique property became our lifetime dream.